Rotary steaming pot

■Hollow shaft’s steam seal components applies one way adjustment, two way compress, several points support structure, reducing the radial direction’s beating error which increase the lifespan of the hollow shaft.

■All the steam pipes and water pipes in the pot are made of high stainless steel shaft.All the steam pipes and water pipes in the pot are made of high quality stainless steel materials.

Product Description

This machine is applied in the bran, broomcorn or soybeans steaming process which is widely used in brewing and bioengineering. It can sterilize and gelatinize the wheat and realize moderate modification of protein which are the necessary conditions before the koji making. The pot has functions of convenient and labor saving. It can also make sure that the cooked material will not contaminated by other microorganisms during the cooling process.

Volume ( m3 )3.25.838
Operation pressure ( mpa )≤0.2≤0.2≤0.3
Design pressure ( mpa )
Rotary speed ( rpm )1.20.720.7
Motor power ( kw )
Inner diameter ( mm )175021002300
Tactical diameter ( mm )221027803180
Radial direction’s beating error of hollow shaft ( mm )
Material in and outlet valve ( DN )350400400
Steam(water) entrance diameter ( DN )254040
Steam(water) exit diameter ( DN )100125125
Weight ( kg )260034003800
Overall dimension ( m )4.4×1.75×4.14.8×2.1×4.465×2.3×4.7
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