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Top equipment and production staffs assure high quality manufacturing. As a pioneer in the industry, the attention and investment of the company in finishing has always been in the forefront. More and more world-class high-precision equipment has been introduced, and now we possess: Taiwan Top-turn large horizontal lathe and vertical lathe, Haitian Precision Machinery large-scale planer type miller, Germany Trumpf laser cutting machine, the United States Omax water knife, CNC machining centers and so on. The quality department staffs and production leaders of our company consist of a large number of production engineers (Old craftsman) with nearly 20 years of experience, in order to ensure the quality of production.

Product Description

长荣酿造.png   Understand the owner’s ideas and requirements  
  Fully communicate with you about production objectives, process requirements and company expectations during the initial phase of the project.
长荣酿造.png   Preliminary layout of the program
  Based on the previous communication results, Ningbo Changrong carried out the initial program evaluation and layout, providing a number of options.
长荣酿造.png   Engineering design starts once the program is confirmed
  The owner confirms the equipment layout plan and the workshop construction plan, after the equipment contract negotiation is completed, according to the established contract requests, starts the concrete design, including the mechanical and electrical design.
长荣酿造.png   Manufacturing monitoring
  According to the project schedule requirements, we create the ultimate equipment for you, and each single machine product is made as a handicraft.
长荣酿造.png   Debugging and installation
  Fully cooperate with owner and construction party to carry out on-site installation and commissioning until the whole project has passed the performance acceptance test.
长荣酿造.png   Personnel training
  Improve the technical level of your production personnel, use skills of equipment and safety advice.
长荣酿造.png   Customer service
       To provide you with the fastest and most comprehensive service, your approval is our greatest satisfaction.